Developing encrypted solutions to digital privacy problems

We are an app development company building encrypted applications designed to protect your data.

What we do

We build our own branded apps to help you keep your data secure and private.

Our apps use advanced encryption protocols to ensure your data stays in your hands and no one else’s – not even ours.

  1. Security
    Our apps utilize multi-layered encryption, decentralized architecture, and security-first features to protect your digital privacy.
  2. Development
    Our developers are curious & innovative, and it’s their mission to create the most secure digital products possible.
  3. Design
    Our designers consider each and every element of our products to ensure they are secure, engaging, and easy to use.

About us

OnyxCorp's guiding purpose is to provide the most secure digital products possible.

Our team of encryption experts and developers are second to none. That’s why our products include world-leading and unique features to keep your data secure.

15+ Countries we are located in.
10+ Years building encrypted apps.
50+ Team members worldwide.
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